A Church for Others in Sacrificial Service


Sunday: 8:30 Worship 9:45 Sunday School 10:45 Worship

Sep. 19, 2021

I.    Hindrances to Becoming a Church for Others

A.    Something within us (14). 

B.    Something around us (15).

II.   Directives for Becoming a Church for Others 

A.    Fights spiritual degeneracy by fleshing out its faith in the promises of God (12-13).

B.    Resists isolation from the world to engage it with the gospel (14-15).

C.    Identifies evidence of God’s grace in the lives of others (19-24). 

D.    Resolves to serve the interests of Jesus Christ (19-24).

III.   Incentives for Becoming a Church for Others

A.   Demonstrate by our lives the family to whom we belong (15).

B.   The sacrificial service to which the Lord calls us is like a drink offering poured out on a much more significant sacrifice (17).

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