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To ensure that our church engages in effective and fruitful ministry, we have seven ministry teams. If you are interested in a particular ministry, please contact the leader of that ministry by email. Their names and emails are listed below

PURPOSE: The purpose of our ministry teams is to provide strong leadership for each of our ministries and to enable sessional oversight of all of our ministries.  An elder is to be an "overseer" (I Tim. 3) who "takes care of the church" (I Tim. 3:5). Our elders are tasked with overseeing all of our ministries.

 PROCEDURE: The oversight function of the Session is delegated to seven Ministry Teams that have responsibility for broad areas of our ministry.  One deals with Worship and another with Outreach. Four teams deal with the nurture of our church family at different age levels: Children, Youth, Adults, and Women.  The sixth team, the Personnel Team, oversees the staff leadership in our church.

PEOPLEIf you are interested in learning how you can serve on one of these teams, please contact the following leaders by email. Click on their name to send them an email:

Personnel - Linda Gore is our chairperson. The session appoints members to this team.


  • Ministry Teams have regular monthly meetings during the first week of the month so that written reports can be provided to both the Diaconate (meets the 3rd Monday of the month) and the Session (meets the 4th Monday of the month).
  • Elders and deacons not currently serving on the active Session or Diaconate are encouraged to serve on Ministry Teams.  Other members are to be recruited from the congregation to serve on these teams.
  • Chairpersons of their teams are elected by the team and serve for one year.  The final approval of individual team members occurs by the session.
  • Ministry Team reports carry informational material, committee oversight as well as recommendations to the Session.  The Chairperson's verbal report to the Session should include, as a minimum, any recommendations requiring action as well as other areas he/she wishes to briefly highlight.  
  • Diaconate members should make verbal reports to their Board for their respective Ministry Teams.
  • Occasionally, the Ministry Team Chairpersons meet as a committee at the call of the Moderator of the Session (the Senior Pastor) for some special purpose such as interviewing staff candidates.