General Missions

June 25, 2015 rick Blog

Here at RPC we take the Great Commission seriously. Nearly 15% of our total church budget is devoted spreading the good news at the international, national and local levels. We support over 30 ministries with our funds and prayers.

RPC funds go around the world, helping to support people and ministries in Mexico,  Africa, India,  England, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Turkey, Guam, Aruba,  the Middle East, Tanzania, Caribbean and Columbia.

In case you weren’t counting, that’s thirteen countries!!

The people and organizations we support do all of the following and more to spread the Good News across the world.

  • Plant churches
  • Train and educate pastors
  • Translate the Bible into new languages
  • Manage gospel radio stations
  • Organize and manage medical missions trips
  • Teach English in foreign countries
  • Run Bible schools and theological institutes
  • Develop seminary curriculum
  • Disciple new believers
  • Take care of orphans
  • Care for the sick and dying
  • Show the Jesus film in remote locations
  • Record  programs for  radio broadcast
  • Do university outreach
  • Reach out to Muslim populations all over the world
  • Read Bible stories to hospitalized unbelievers
  • Conduct outreach and ministry to children
  • Train multinational business leaders to impact the marketplace for Christ

In the coming year we hope to add support for missionaries in China.

WMC Missions Application.